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Safflower pigment institute of Tianjin was founded in January. 2002,It is a company which produced the natural safflower pigment ( red and yellow pigment ).It has 10 persons, including 2 senior scientists and senior engineers, 4 research associated and engineers , 4 technicians and technical workers.
There are four products in our company: one red and three yellow, the red pigment is Carthamin, three yellow are Hydroxysafflor yellow A,safflower yellow B and safflower yellow pigment ,respectly.The two kind of pigment are abtainable from the reddish-brown florets of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) through a special method using inorganic reagent. Carthamin is organic-soluble plant pigment and safflor yellow pigment is water-soluble one and they are considered as most useful tinctorial additives for cosmetics.food,beverages,soft drinks,textiles etc,which have been used by high-ranking people because of their royal red and yellow colour and their nativeness,nutrition,multifunction.

  • Safflower Pigment Institute of Tianjin
  • NO. 100 Shaliu south road ,dongli ,tianjin china
  • 300180
  • 86-22- 00000000
  • 86-22-00000000
  • Long Xu (manager)
  • 0000000000

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